In the name of the future queen.

Bespoke Dining Chairs
Napatelier is renowned for its quality of handbuilt upholstered furniture and our bespoke dining chairs are no exception.
Whether you want a contemporary or a more traditional look, we have a range of upholstered dining chairs and carvers ideal for you. Our skilled craftsmen and upholsterers are expertly trained, using the best construction technology and use only highest quality materials.

Dining chairs

It isn't just about eating anymore - dinning has become an experience and event to look foreward to, so why not create the environment to enjoy it?

Bespoke armchair

Although there are over 100 different fabrics to choose from our cataloque, don't let that stop your imagination! If you already have a specific fabric in mind, just tell us what it is and the style of armchair that you would like.

Bespoke furniture

Napatelier's range of bespoke upholstered furniture are custom made and upholstered in a wide range of fabrics from contemporary stripes and gingam checks to reproduction - look grand chenille florals and damasks. If you have a particular fabric in mind we can order it in, or you can have it sent to us and we will make your very own bespoke chair.

Dreamy place for rambling observations

Happy products for happy people. Pip studio!!

PIP was born in a small village by the sea as the youngest child of the family. She has three older brothers and a Love bird, or to be more specific, a small African parrot from the genus Agapornis. The Love bird is called Tjommy and it can say its name. Tjommy always sits on her head or shoulder and goes everywhere with her. PIP’s real name is Catharina, but everyone knows her by her nickname. PIP was the first word that she ever spoke and her brothers just started calling her that. The rest of the family soon followed and these days no one knows any different.
We have a new collection in our Atelier, don't miss it!
Have a lovely day!

The corners.

The corners full of inspirations. Where ever you look for you can find something that awakes your memories.
It's even more like delicate essence of tones, beautiful childhood stories, cinnamon smell and chocolate taste.
For us has been always important to have something to dream for.

The practice of everyday life.

We believe it's interesting to see everyday life in the shop, so we decided to post every now and there couple of pictures of continuous transitions in Nap Atelier. The space is changing so fast and is going to be great even for us to see the past and the present. Enjoy!

Salone del Mobile 2011

I Saloni are laying claim to their age with a touch of irony, a play on words that echoes their nature and their spirit, youthful and lively.
This year Nap Atelier is presenting a new collection at Padiglione 1 stand L21 M18 Fiera Milano Rho. Come to visit us, we are happy to surprise you!


We have been designing unique fitted furniture for our clients in Nap Atelier style. Whether you are looking for an inovate study, different living room, a dreamy space, we can create your perfect bespoke furniture.