Pip studio & walls

I believe you know how much we love Pip Studio...I will show you soon the transformation of my girls room with gorgeouse pip silver wallpaper! See you soon!

Be your own designer at www.napateliershop.com

Mix and match isn't just a fashion trick. If you are looking for an interesting dining experience why don't you arrange different chairs around a dining table? The table can be new as it can be old. I personaly prefer to mix new with very old. Second hand shops can be a great place to find one, fly market even better. Try a beautiful experience of designing your own bespoke chairs on www.napateliershop.com.

Dream like a little bird.

In this photos you can see a beautiful Studio Ditte Wallpaper and Nap Atelier solution for kids beds.

Sweet dreams to us is something more...

dream, dream, dream...

As the beginning of the special rubric dedicated just for kids we propose you this little drawers we did for one beautiful little boy. It's hand painted by Nap Atelier.

A room of one's own

One cannot think well, love well, sleap well, if one has not dined well.
-Virginia Woolf, A Room of One's Own.

Bespoke in red

It's not our favorite colour but it's absolutely a great living colour. These are some of our Bespoke furniture peaces in red.

Nap Bespoke in black and white

Home is where your heart is.

It seams nice to us to discover you who we are and where we live, so we decided to post from time to time not just the news from the Atelier but even from our everyday life. This is the home of Stefania, Ginevra, Tea and Nina.

Tell A Tale

Coin it's an italian department store offering apparel, homewear, kidswear, accessories, lingerie, beauty and cosmetics. We established a great collaboration with them and these are some of the projects of interior design we did. Stefania, as allways has been very creative and material for dreaming is something that's not missing here. Enjoy the fairytale department store.

Simplicity, Utility, and Beauty

Simple everyday objects possessing unusually elegant design. It's just about discovering it. Whether you’re contemplating the design of a new home, or looking to step back and examine—and possibly reinvent—your current house, it’s worth considering some of our ideas. Nap Atelier states the necessity of beauty as well as the necessity of recycling old forgotten furniture as the leading idea of everything created in our laboratory. We love to dream in simplicity and beauty and we love the philosophy of making something out of nothing.
"Simplicity of life, even the barest, is not a misery, but the very foundation of refinement." – William Morris


Check out our e-commerce shop and have a lot's of fun creating your own furniture.

Tips and inspiration on decorating kids rooms

Nap Atelier Kids is founded upon the conviction that a child's living space, whether a bedroom or playroom, can and should be stylish and inspiring as every other room in the modern home. Nap Atelier Kids aims to reach out to those parents who are tired of resorting to uninspiring flat-pack furniture and mass-produced accessories for their children.
That why we decided to create a special rubric on our blog called "Tips and inspiration on decorating kids rooms". We'll descover you instore kids corners as well as videos on decorating your own place.
So, Let's design it!!

Children's space design- Wallpaper