The new beginning. Part 3

The leafs in the kitchen window gave us a green welcome. Isn't it beautiful? Since I saw it I didn't close the window in order to give them more space. The Grammy from the third floor was so excited when I told her that 4 girls are moving in on the first floor. The light in the house became even more intense with all the new colours. Finally I'm starting to feel this place like mine.
This is the order of the week;
"Said and his Egyptian troupe finished the colour in Nina, Tea and Ginevra room.
Dinning and Living room has been completelz colored in gray( LOVE IT)
The floor is done and it's waiting for the flooring.
Kitchen remains white in order to be more spacefull.
My room is still white, I have to think a bit more. It will be a huge surprise, even for me.
All the positive signs are around us and I LOVE it.
Have a lovely day dear friends!

Closet transform - 1.5 Wallpapering!


Good morning dear friends!
I'm moving on very fast and it looks beautiful already ;))
What do you need to start wallpapering?
-tape measure, pencil, spirit level, paperhanging scissors, pasting table, paste bucket, pasting brush, paper-hanging brush, seam roller, sharp hobby knife or proprietary wallpaper trimming knife and overlap adhesive if you are using washable or vinyl paper.

Make sure the surface is free from flaking paint or grease and NEVER paper over existing wallpaper. The paste on the new wallpaper can soak through to any existing wallpaper, dissolving it and before you know it you will have both wall coverings on the floor.

Most wallpapers come is a standard size of 530mm wide and 10.5m long. Woodchip paper and lining paper along with a few other “specials” come in longer or differing width rolls. Before you start measure the surface for the number of rolls you need. Make sure all the rolls of paper you buy all have the same batch number on them and do not be tempted to try and “stretch” the quantity you need. It is much better to buy 1 roll more than you need. You will always have some paper left over to patch up if necessary.

Before you start to measure and cut, check the pattern on the paper. Some papers have a random pattern so it does not matter where you join the lengths. Some have a pattern which only matches at specific distances so having cut your first length it does not necessarily follow that the next length will follow automatically; there may be a little more wastage with this type of match. Generally even a staggered match is repeated within 100mm.

Allowing for pattern repetitions, cut some lengths of wallpaper and lay them face down on the pasting table. The ends can be prevented from curling back up into a roll by tying a piece of string, across the table, to the legs. Mix the paste in the bucket as per the instructions and tie another piece of string across the bucket at the point where the handle joins the top of the bucket. This will give you something to rest the brush bristles on to avoid getting the handle covered in paste. Paste the paper by working from the middle of each length to the outside and store by folding the wet sides together as shown. If you are careful and by lining up the lengths you have cut with the top edge of the table you should be able to paste 3 or 4 lengths at the same “sitting”. Some papers need to soak for a while before hanging so check the instructions on the label. While the paste is soaking in, mark the wall as described above.
Take the first length and place the edge against the line on the surface. Unfold the paper gently onto the wall using your hanging brush to brush down the middle and out towards both edges. This brushing makes sure that the paper makes contact with the surface and at the same time brushes out any air bubbles which may have got trapped under the paper.

Have fun and get GOOD rest tomorrow!

Closet transform - 1.

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” - Andy Warhol
Ok, even in Turin is time to change. As far as we all know that things do not change but we change, I've decided to redecorate the look of our bedroom. I love white and I believe it's the best "color" to sleep in, so it will be for sure prevalently white.
Closets are magic places. They hold lots (and LOTS) of treasures, make great hiding places and are a necessary part of any shopping-obsessed person's lifestyle.
Because they tend to be overfull, a closet's appearance is sometimes neglected.
I will start from the outside. Remodeling a look of the closet I'll be able to change the aspect of the room.
The cool thing about our closet that can be transform in color and design as you like. It was supposed to be a Futon closet, but instead of futon I've put the wallpaper. In this moment It's off due to preparing the surface for a new layer of paper. Hopefully this weekend I'll be able to show you how it's turning out.
Can't wait ;)
For now I wish you all a lovely day!