The new beginning. Part 3

The leafs in the kitchen window gave us a green welcome. Isn't it beautiful? Since I saw it I didn't close the window in order to give them more space. The Grammy from the third floor was so excited when I told her that 4 girls are moving in on the first floor. The light in the house became even more intense with all the new colours. Finally I'm starting to feel this place like mine.
This is the order of the week;
"Said and his Egyptian troupe finished the colour in Nina, Tea and Ginevra room.
Dinning and Living room has been completelz colored in gray( LOVE IT)
The floor is done and it's waiting for the flooring.
Kitchen remains white in order to be more spacefull.
My room is still white, I have to think a bit more. It will be a huge surprise, even for me.
All the positive signs are around us and I LOVE it.
Have a lovely day dear friends!

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