Sweet September

Bounjour dear friends, it's been a while...
I hope everybody enjoyed summer as it has to be enjoyed. Even thou we still feel the sea under the skin and it's so strange to wear the shoes, it's time to restart with our daily routine and some basic rules.
September feels good. You can feel the air of a new beginning of the year. Girls are still at home. The school starts next week and they are so anxious to see old friends. The shop is moving along, a big mess is ruling everywhere. So funny, it seams imposibille to organise the corners. It feels like things are moving around by them self. Our PR department worked a lot this summer and we have had some great new publication around. Nap Atelier team travelled a lot, from Croatia to Malasia, and it feels they are ready to step back into the work.
Home sweet home is a constant work in progress. I can't even describe how pleased I am to sleep and live in this new shelter. This what you will see are just details of some personalities that decided to share the place with us. You will find Mother Deer and baby deer, Mr. Mustache, Chinese girls and of course Miss Stone (swimming lady). Some time ago they have all been part of the others house, now they wright the story with us. I wish I could ask them for some good life advice. I'm going to leave you in a good company, enjoy!

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