DIY project for your living room

Sibella Court - Etcetera

I got this wonderful book as a bithday present from Stefi the other day. She made me so happy.

There are few books in the world as lovely as this. According to the blurb, reading it is ‘like opening Pandora’s box’, or delving into ‘Darwin’s cabinet of curiosities’. Both of these claims are true – Etcetera is the biblio equivalent of pottering around a junk shop you’ve stumbled across in a back alley of Paris – there’s so much to see, and so much to inspire. Court is a creative curator with a magpie eye – her home and styled shots reflect her passion for colour, texture and fascinating ‘objets’. She’s like a magical chef, throwing together unexpected and wonderful ingredients from the past and the present to create beautiful interiors where every object tells a story.

Beautiful Wallpaper

Take a peek into this amasing house and enjoy the soft colour of all the wallpaper mixed together. When it's about decorating it's about dreaming. So, keep dreaming.
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The perfect bedroom. Decorate your bedroom with memories.

"It's where we begin and end our day"

The story of the caterpillar

"In the light of the moon a little egg lay on a leaf..."

Deer DIY

All you need is some fun&original tape and the project is done. Have fun!


I don't know about you, but I certainly MISS some flowers. I have to get some today. Have a lovely day!


How to plan the perfect kids' room - girls.

What’s the secret to designing a great kids’ bedroom?Creating a space where your kid will want to hang out!
Even if you’re pinched for space, a small kids’ room can be big on style. This preschool girl’s “white room” has a style-savvy, flea-market-meets-global-village theme. A low, vintage-style bed with pretty flea-market style linens makes a perfect daytime hangout, as well as a fairytale nighttime retreat.
To create a sense of space in the room, old-fashioned wood furniture painted white to match the walls (possibly in a distressed finish) would be a smart choice.
And, please play with the details, they are so important. Home-made object has a great value.
Have a lovely day to all!

C'era una volta una bambina, di nome Suitom

In via Sottocorno a Milano nasce Suitom,uno spazio soppalcato in cui l’atmosfera high tech contrasta sapientemente con l’elemento originale dei mattoni e delle travi a vista.Stefania Bruschi,moderna Alice,ha trasformato lo spazio nel suo Paese delle Meraviglie,dove i colori si sposano con le forme e i materiali,dando vita ad ideee progetti su misura per realizzare un sogno;dove competenza ed esperienza diventano sinonimi di personalità e carattere.Magari presto apre anche il suo mondo virtuale, ci piacerebbe molto leggere il suo blog.

Mustard Yellow and Gray

The need of flowers.

Blue point

We have enjoyed a lot working on this georgeous house. The starting point was the poetry and blue, a lot of blue. Home decor and poetry have several things in common. Number one, they are both artistic in form and function. Number two, they are both designed to create emotive states, and number three, they can both be used in your home to transform it into a true oasis for your mind and spirit.

Velvet, we love you.