Shop window

Dear friends,
I know it's still so eary to think about the spring, but I can feel it in the air! Here the sun is shining and the snow has been going away slowly. Early this morning, walking in the park with my dog, I saw the green grass!! I was so happy. I know all these thing are so irrelevant, but here in the nord of Italy we had such a freesing winter, and since I am a summer girl I have been desiring the end of winter since the beginng of the october :).
These are some snap shoots of our new shop window. In this period we are talking about some important changes inside of the Nap Atelier. Stefania decided to move on toward some new projects, new collors and new products. Yes, we have so much to do. But I believe that if you love so much the job you do, even the weekends are made for work (sometimes ;)
Have a lovely end of the week!

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