The story of the bespoke upholsted Nap Atelier - Artisan Colour

We start working with our artisan 8 years ago and since then they develop our ideas in concrete objects. Now we can say they become a part of our Nap family. We can’t live without them, and they can’t live without us. In this small laboratory, near by Veneto Marco and Pina use they own hands to color and restore the new and old peaces of furniture. The secret behind our reputation on the quality and reliability of our products, combined with continual product development is simply about love. They dedicate so much passion in refining the furniture peaces that on the end the same furniture is so grateful. We cant's say more then we simply love them.

Flea market Borgo d'Ale

G’ day everybody! Yesterday we went to a local flea market near by Turin. It’s called Borgo d’Ale and it’s pretty much important when it’s about flea markets. It looks like a big and very much, important event for all the people that lives around. I have no idea how come, but whenever we decided to go there, or it’s raining or we become hot boiled. So, even yesterday unfortunately, it was freezing cold and our adventure was very fast and concentrated. Anyway, it’s always amazing to discover something new, and of course, bring it at home. Have a lovely day!
Good morning everybody!Ok, it’s official, SPRING IS HERE! The need for flowers is always bigger and new ideas of assembling everything in different shapes gives me such a joyful felling. I know it’s just Tuesday, but I have already planed a trip to a Saturday local flee market where you can find everything you need. I can’t wait! Have a lovely day out there!

Ray Caesar

A peculiar sense of humor paired with a unique way of seeing the world provides the means for unusual, fascinating artwork.
This is indeed the case with eccentric British Artist, Ray Caesar. Caesar is a shy and reclusive artist whose imagination seeps through every piece he creates. Doll-like creatures with haunting personalities populate much of his digital artwork. Caesar draws inspiration from the things that are often overlooked in the world, such as abandoned stores or old carpeting, as well as his own life.
Ray Caesar's paintings intrigue me in a way few artists do. You can consider them fantasy portrayals of beautiful, delicate youthful women, but if you look close enough you'll see that characters are not exactly what they seem to be. They are dark, sometimes cruel, they live at the limit between real and fantastic, subconscious life.

Dream and love as we do.