Paper Clothing by Violise Lunn

I would like to introduce you to amasing art of Violise Lunn. Graduates in 1995 from Danish Design School. Since 1997, Violise has run her own studio in Copenhagen, specialising in couture clothing for women. She works with a number of different materials including fur, textile and porcelain, but it is her work with paper in particular that sends my heart aflutter. She sculpts delicate silhouettes of dresses and shoes with ephemeral qualities, which appear almost untouchable. Here’s a little description of Violise’s work from her website: Alongside creating wearable items, Violise Lunn’s other passion is making unwearable items from the simplest textile of all: paper. Finding perfect freedom in this material through sculpting figure silhouettes, angels and her favourite theme: shoes, she allows herself to play with otherwise impossible compositions. Sheer lightness and utter fragility combined with experimental reflection about what these objects represent, amounts to such almost untouchable objects, that they have instantly become collectors items.

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