Bucarest project n.2

While we were in Milan working with La Rinascente installation, Elisa went to Bucarest together with our architect to complete the house numer 2. Thank you Eli for the photos!

Jacob Hashimoto

Beautiful Hashimoto’s artwork embodies his longtime fascination with the intersections of painting and sculpture, abstraction and landscape. Each work is comprised of hundreds of small bamboo and paper kite-like elements. These kite elements are strung together in chains, and layers of these chains are stretched taut between short dowels that project from wall-mounted brackets, creating a densely layered and fragmented tapestry of image or pattern. The delicacy of his forms, whether they descend and envelop or expand and climb, creates as much a space for the spirit as for the body.

Giveaway Piere Frey-Boussac Wallpaper

GIVEAWAY!! Aren't we all in the mood for some changes in the house? What is the most quickest way to transform the corners in your house? The Wall paper of course, and there are so many beautiful types. We have decided to host a special Spring contest hoping that you’ll participate because we have a rool of yellow Pierre Frey Wallpaper to giveaway! You can find all the details below the photo so please read them carefully. The contest starts right now 15.5.2012 and ends by reaching 1.500 follower using Random.org to choose randomly the winner. Don't worry, it's very simple. Are you ready?? If you would like to enter this giveaway, here's how: 1.You must be a follower of Nap Atelier 2.Leave a comment letting me know if you are already a follower, or if you've just joined me. 3.SHARE this giveaway on your Facebook page And gooood luck!!

Behind the scenary

Duomo - La Rinascente - Nap Atelier

I believe I'm breaking every record with this post and it's number of the photos. Sorry, I just couldn't resist. Two days ago we got a chance to create an installation of Nap Atelier room inside of the most contemporary and international department store in Italy. La Rinascente is an atraction you can't miss if you love high quality shopping with all the most popular italian and international brands. Concept Showroom Guffanti and it's 3 brends for children clothing, 120% Lino, American Outfitter and Olive by Sisco,asked us to represent them during this week and fortunately we established a beautiful collaboration with all of them. Enjoy the immages of this wonderful experience in this amasing Cathedral square of Milan.